As experts specializing in commercial and industrial garage overhead doors, we can help you…

We have needed experience in commercial and industrial doors

At Charlie’s Overhead Door, located in Woodstock, we have the experience necessary to ensure we fill your customer’s every need when it comes to projects related to garage doors. While many companies can take care of overhead sectional doors, we bring more to the table.

Get in contact with us before starting your project, and we can learn and adapt to your customer’s wants and needs. By understanding the building being used, as well as the services being provided there, we can show you products that are a perfect fit for your customer and their specific needs.

We strive to provide professional advice from the very beginning of a project all the way through to the end. We’ll be sure things are done right, and all finishing touches are implemented.

We make it simple to make the right choice!

It can be overwhelming choosing the optimal commercial overhead or industrial garage door. However, we’re here to make that a whole lot easier. Understanding how the door will be used is the key to choosing the right door. Paying too little for a door can lead to expensive repairs down the road, while paying too much may not be worth the financial burden. We can find the choice that is right in the middle.

Follow this guide for the best result:

  1. Select the overhead door that best fits the way it will be used by your customer.
  2. Pick the right door system based on the sturdiness needed by your client. This applies to how often the door will open and close on a daily basis, dimensions of the door, as well as the material the door is manufactured from.
  3. Choose the right garage door opener along with equivalent safety accessories.
  4. Lastly, choose the type of windows your customer needs.

Learning the trade on the job is the mark of an installer

As professionals working with Garaga commercial and industrial doors, we have tons of knowledge and unprecedented experience with these kinds of doors. Because of that, we can guarantee the best performance that is out there. We serve Oxford County, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Norwich, Embro, Tillsonburg, Plattsville, Zorra, Paris and surrounding areas in Ontario, Canada.

An important aspect of the job is choosing parts with a sturdiness that will hold up over time. This can prevent later issues and need for repair. An overhead door suited for intended use is the best choice you can make. We can help you choose the best option, using the scale we’ve developed to determine the sturdiness needed, whether super heavy duty, heavy duty, or light duty.

Preventative maintenance helps avoid later repairs

One of our other offerings is planned preventative maintenance. This helps ensure your garage is in optimal condition over time while giving peace of mind that repairs will be few and far between.

You should consider the garage door in your customer’s project as an important piece of equipment that fills a need. By picking the correct product, having the installation done by professionals, and providing inspections on a regular basis, you will end up saving your customers both in money and time.

Here at Charlie’s Overhead Door, we are always seeking new opportunities to help and support architects and builders in Woodstock and surroundings areas. Call us now at 519-539-2988 or complete our online form to get a free quote.

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