Why we recommend Garaga

Are you looking for a reputable garage door manufacturer? Look no more! Garaga is one of the leading garage door and overhead door manufacturers in Canada. Family owned since 1983, Garaga has been building high-tech garage door systems for decades. It has earned its good reputation thanks to years of excellent customer service and quality products.

For all residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial garage doors, we at Charlie’s Overhead Door, always recommend Garaga brand products. Here’s why:

A high level of service

At Charlie’s Overhead Door, we have been selling and installing GARAGA garage doors for many years. We have witnessed this manufacturer’s high level of customer service. Garaga takes pride in its superior final product, its beautiful designs and its customer satisfaction. To further ensure happy customers, most GARAGA garage doors come with an excellent limited lifetime warranty. You’ll feel good buying from Garaga.

An outstanding product

As a Canadian company, Garaga fully understands just how cold winter can be. Founded in Quebec, this manufacturer makes garage doors with the highest R‑value on the market. With the door’s thermal breaks, the wind, snow and rain can’t enter your home. Its tested system blocks the cold. Even the sealed thermo-pane windows are standard! GARAGA garage doors are so energy efficient, they will save you money on utility costs.

To have a truly outstanding product, your garage door needs to also be beautifully crafted. Improve your curb appeal by choosing a Garaga door model specially made for your home’s architecture. As garage doors can be up to 40 percent of a home’s frontage, designing the right door is important. Our team can help you choose the perfect style, colour and accessories. Your custom GARAGA garage door will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Garaga Experts

At Charlie’s Overhead Door, all of our technicians are certified Garaga Experts. We will ensure your new garage door is properly fitted and installed. We can help you design the perfect overhead door for any residential, industrial or commercial application. Since you will likely buy a garage door only once in your lifetime, you will want to choose a product guaranteed to last for decades. Garaga has proven itself to be a leader in the garage door industry. You won’t be disappointed with its products. Choose excellence – choose Garaga.

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