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Choosing a quality garage door in Woodstock

Choose Charlie's Overhead Door

Garage door is be a very important part of the curb appeal and attractiveness of a home. Home values are increased greatly by garages and an attractive garage door can be a real eye-catcher. Then, it is important to ensure that any installation of garage doors is done by a reputable and experienced professional like Charlie's Overhead Door.

Only carry the best in the garage doors and garage door openers

We are certified Garage Experts on all installation and repair processes associated with Garaga brand garage doors. They are the top of the line and we are proud of that certification. Garaga garage doorsoffer an excellent variety of choices and all garage doors carry the same high-quality features that make Garaga the best in the industry. Consult our Image gallery to see our large selection of garage doors.

They also offer excellent energy efficiency as well as super quiet garage door openers. The perfect accessory to the Garaga garage door is the LiftMaster garage door opener manufactured by Chamberlain. It is the most efficient and quietest garage door opener available on the market.

Professional garage door repair in Woodstock

At Charlie's Overhead Door we not only specialize in the installation of garage doors and garage door openers, but we provide reasonable and professional repair service for existing units. A garage door that is not functioning properly can be as dangerous as it is aggravating. We understand that at Charlie's Overhead Door. We never leave a job unfinished and clearly realize that each and every customer is important in maintaining a solid and professional service record.

Do not settle for less than an installation professional and do not hesitate to call us for any of your garage door needs. We not only service the Woodstock area, but we also operate in all locations in Oxford County.

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