The Best Garage Shelving: Beyond Basic Storage

A lot of people turn to garage shelves for storage solutions, but they really offer more than that. Read this post to find out just what you can do with yours.

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Even though the garage has a functional purpose, it doesn’t have to be a basic space. You can find great garage shelf ideas, to add storage and style at the same time.

Garage Door: Eastman E-11, 10' x 7', Desert Sand door and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

This post will help you explore all of the possibilities that you have for garage storage shelving and shelf systems so that you can design the space that best suits your needs.

You like this garage door? This is an Eastman E-11, 10'x7', Desert Sand door and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Prep First

Don’t just buy shelves and start pounding away—first, you should take care of a few basics. Think about what you’re storing, whether that will be tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, or even family keepsakes. You want to make sure things are protected.

Take a minute to check for signs of condensation. This could indicate that you have a moisture problem and the space needs a little maintenance and care before you install new shelving. Why do you want to avoid condensation?

Condensation Leads To:

● Metal objects and parts rusting

● Cloth and paper developing mildew

● Wood rotting or warping

● Photograph, paint, and frame damage

● Mold growth, in severe situations

Just what can you do when you’re dealing with condensation? There are plenty of potential issues, but it’s usually got something to do with the seals. Check out the seals around garage door windows and the seal around your garage door.

Not sure that you can handle the job? That’s okay. Call a professional garage door tech for a good once-over.

Now that we’ve taken care of that, let’s get back to discussing the best garage shelf ideas and how they can transform your space.

Conventional Shelf Systems

You’ll find conventional shelves in wood, metal, and wood/metal combinations, as well as durable plastic materials. These are freestanding shelves that can be put in just about any configuration that you’d like. Plus, they offer a lot of value for the money.

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Exploring the Available Shelf Systems

Plastic – Unless you’re storing heavy paint buckets and tools, plastic shelving could be an economical choice. These shelves can be found at just about any local store or online. They come in all sizes and colors and are surprisingly lightweight for the amount that they can hold. If you need a durable, affordable solution, this is a good choice.

Metal/Wood – When you need something a little more substantial, a metal and wood shelving unit might be what you want. These are widely available and offer more weight support than plastic. They are usually made with a metal frame and wooden shelves that are plywood or pressboard. Just remember that wood can stain or rot, and that it might not be quite as strong as the all-metal option.

All-Metal – As long as you’re okay with a utilitarian look, metal shelving offers the most durability and strength. You’ll find fewer stylistic options here, but plenty of function for all of your garage storage needs. For heavy-duty storage, or even if you like the look of wire shelving, this is the way to go.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are generally made of wood and metal and may be one material or the other or a combination of the two. They allow you to anchor shelves to the wall so that you can free up floor space. These units generally come individually but may also be part of a set.

Things to Consider with Wall-Mounted Shelves

● Wall-mounted shelving saves your garage floor space.

● These shelves may not have as much volume as freestanding shelves, so you may need more units for the same amount of storage.

● Wall-mounted shelves are flexible and can be installed just about anywhere that you need.

● The wall-mounted shelf is a much better look than the freestanding unit, offering a better design choice for those who want something that fits their style as well as providing storage.

Overhead Shelf Systems

The last choice is the overhead shelf, which is generally wire or metal and designed with supports that install to the ceiling to hold the shelving in place.

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What to Consider with Overhead Systems

● You won’t get the same volume of storage space as you might with freestanding units, again, but it’s a way to create a user-friendly space and you can always add more.

● Overhead shelving gives you back all your floor space, for work, parking, and more.

● You will want to make sure that your shelves don’t get in the way of the garage door’s overhead operation.

● But, some shelves can be configured to make sure of that empty space and still stay out of the way of the door.

When you choose the right shelving, you can create the perfect storage solution without compromising on style. However, you should also use this time to give your garage a little TLC.

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